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Our Story

Gourmet Pleasures: A Legacy Continues

Gourmet Pleasures was founded in 2012 by Ontario retirees Henri & Tish Neuendorf when they moved to Stanhope, PEI and fell in love with the Island’s natural beauty and peaceful lifestyle.
When Henri passed away in Dec 2023, their neighbours and friends, who shared their passion for this charming little Island, decided to carry on the Gourmet Pleasures legacy!

Elayne, (nee Corrigan), a PEI native, moved to BC in 1975, where she met Bob. Together, they raised four beautiful children;  Lanny who recently moved to PEI, Kendra, her husband Carl, and our grandson Loīc living in New Brunswick, Jenna and her partner Brendan reside in Alberta, and Spencer who lives in BC with our grandson, Owen.

Meet the new owners,
Bob and Elayne Kirkwood.

After retiring from their respective careers as a Police Officer and 911 Police Dispatcher, Bob and Elayne decided it was time to return to the East Coast and embrace a more relaxed lifestyle where Elayne grew up. They settled in Stanhope, across from the golf course and met Henri and Tish. Elayne and Bob became friends with Tish and Henri and Elayne helped Henri with his trade shows when he needed extra help! 

When the opportunity arose to purchase Gourmet Pleasures they knew it was meant to be.

Bob and Elayne are excited to carry on the tradition of Gourmet Pleasures and spread their love for this wonderful Island with you.

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